Meet Chelsea

hello! I'm Chelsea Bumgarner, owner and creator of Sweet thyme design. i was born and raised in a small new england town before relocating to austin, tx four years ago. to say i love antiquing is putting it lightly. I come from a long line of "antiquers", and like to think it is in my blood. 

i was thrilled to learn, upon our arrival, that austin has a mutual respect for anything vintage. I gained a new sense of style and taste through the influence of south western touches and retro design. i consider digging through thrift stores and discovering new DIY projects to be my "happy state", and so putting the two together to form a business seemed like a no brainer!

The third ratio behind sweet thyme design, which brings it all together, is my other "love"; food. I love food. I love to cook. i love to eat... and i am trying my hardest to train my green thumb. after working at local farmers markets in the austin area during my first three years here, i developed a deeper appreciation for conscience eating & farming. through forming relationships with vendors and like-minded consumers, i knew i wanted to continue my involvement with that community. 

sweet thyme design was established in september of 2014 as a way to combine all my passions and live a happier, more fulfilled life. what started out as a few cards and herb markers, is now a thriving & expanding business... something i had never expected! 

When I am not stamping old flatware, brainstorming my latest puns, or vending at local markets, (Cedar Park & Mueller Farmers Markets every weekend) you can find me hiking, swimming, and adventuring with my two dogs and handsome fella.