meet the  M A K E (H E R)

Hi friends. My name is Chelsea, and I am the hands behind Sweet Thyme Design. I never thought I would be self-employed, living my life as a Maker. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Creating a life that I love has been my main focus over the last 4 years, and what a growing experience it has been. To wake up each day knowing what you put out into the world is genuine and your own is something I hope to never take for granted. 

Sweet Thyme Design is a reflection of my passions and taste. I have married my love for rust & dust, simple living, and words into one big package of hand stamped vintage flatware and living greeting cards... yep, I said "living".

My wares are made to bring a daily dose of comfort, kindness, and unexpected beauty into your routine; a combination of sweet and salty wit that I hope will help carry a bit of happiness throughout the rest of your day.

Each spoon, fork, and spreader is foraged and then stamped by my own two hands in my home studio located in Austin, TX. My tools of the trade include individual metal letter stamps, an anvil, hammer, and a good old fashioned wooden stump. Old school style.

I have collaborated with a fellow female artist based in Vermont, Mary Arnold (@thismarycanlife), to create a collection of foodie punned greeting cards. With my design in mind, Mary brought my vision to life by illustrating and carving each block print, that of which I now use to print each card, one by one. I use 100% recycled, eco-friendly seed paper, allowing each card to be planted in the earth to one day bloom into wildflowers. 

I am honored to share my collection of goods with you, and appreciate your support throughout this crazy little journey. 

E N J O Y  &  B E  W E L L 

xo - c h e l s e a